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China Whitewater is China’s Premier Whitewater Outfitter

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Our mission is to provide the best kayaking experience in China

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China Whitewater brings the highest level of kayak instruction available in China with ACA Level 4 Certified Instructors

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China Whitewater is China’s Premier Whitewater Outfitter. Our mission is to provide the best kayaking experience in China.  China Whitewater brings the highest level of kayak instruction available in China. Our Instructors are ACA Level 4 Certified Instructors and they are among the most experienced kayakers in Asia.  We also hold ACA l4 Swiftwater Rescue Cettification, Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certification.


From introducing new people to the sport of kayaking to helping high level kayakers improve their skills, China Whitewater brings the most professional, most enjoyable kayaking experience available in China.

Our Services

We start on dry land and introduce students to kayaking gear and concepts. Here we begin to emphasize safety as the most important aspect of kayaking.
We provide a wide variety of activities for the whitewater enthusiast. We arrange river trips for groups at every skill level.
We sell kayaks and related kayaking gear. We represent - Jackson Kayak and Dagger and Wavesport Kayaks.

For all of Our Services we can arrange for Boats and Gear, Transportation to the Activity Location, and Lodging and Meals as needed. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Upcomming Activities

Dali Kayaking Activities

Summer 2017
Fall 2017
Yunnan Provence, Dali
Enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in China while kayaking beautiful lakes in Dali. Or participate in something a little more exciting with introduction to Whitewater Kayaking on some of Yunnan's beautiful Class II rivers. Contact Gazi at: 15868115609 or Ben 15618632662

Dali Kayaking Activities

Summer 2017
Fall 2017
Dali, Xizhou City
Enjoy some of China's most beautiful scenery while flat water kayaking on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Our base is located in the Xizhou town sable bay, a variety of electronic navigation equipment can be obtained by positioning the search "Osprey domesticated base." This is a large area of natural resources and bays, plus a natural breakwater, arguably one of Dali calmest waters, particularly suitable for still water kayaking projects. Our activity price (¥238 / person $40/person) contains: 1-2 hour canoe paddle time and city-wide shuttle in the ancient city + + Free breakfast + hire local specialties Bai drinking + waterproof mobile phone sets and professional outdoor gloves + + Professional Insurance coach training costs. Activity 2-20 people, activity time is usually 7:00 am (received) - 10:30 (back). Due to the weather, in order for you to have the best event experience, we recommend that you make reservations in advance, leaving plenty of time, we will keep your details and communication transfers and precautions. Contacts, Gazi 15868115609 Anan. 13238691052 email: 1013341317@qq.com

International Group 10 Day Guided Tour in Yunnan

June 20, 2017
June 30, 2017
Yunnan Provence, China
Join our 10 day international group tour of Yunnan Provence, China. Activities include 6-7 days kayaking, Chinese Cultural Tours, and additional activities for your consideration such as cycling or SUP on a lake or small river. We will tour 3 Ancient Towns, Teng Chong, Lijiang, and Dali. The tour will begin in Teng Chong where there is a small low Class III creek just one hour from town. This creek reminds me of Big Laurel with out the bigger drops. We are targeting Class III for the group, but if you are interested in higher level kayaking we can arrange local expert guides for Class IV excitement. For more details you can contact us through this website or at sloboat1@gmail.com
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Dali Activities

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