Where do you hold classes?

We hold classes and clinics at various rivers and lakes.  A lot depends on the weather and where there is rain and what rivers are running.  We are centered near Hong Zhou and usually start Introduction and Beginner Clinics on rivers near Hong Zhou.  We can participate in activities as far away as Yunnan and have even been to Xizang.

What is an Eskimo Roll ?

The Eskimo Roll is a method of rolling the kayak upright after it has flipped over.   In Whitewater and even in Flat water it is likely that sometime the kayak will be flipped upside down.  The Eskimo roll is a very specialized skill for rolling the kayak upright after it has been flipped upside down.

How long does it take to learn to kayak?

Some people can get to Intermediate Level in one season.  Others might take 2 or 3 seasons.

What is a Creek?

Creeks are smaller more technical and steeper than larger rivers.  They are found higher in the mountains and are often dependent on rain before they have enough water to run in a kayak. 

What is Big Water?

Big Water is found on big large volume rivers.  The features, waves and holes on these rivers are bigger than the features on smaller rivers.  These rivers require somewhat different skills than smaller rivers.

What is play boating?

Play boating is playing on different types of river features.  There are waves and holes on a river.  Each can be used to do different kind of tricks.  You can surf on a wave and you can surf, side surf and turn cartwhees in a hole.   There are many many kinds of play boat tricks and there are high level competition events all over the world for the best competitive play boaters.  

Can kids participate in kayaking?

Of course.  In America and Europe thousands of kids even as young as 5 years old learn to kayak.  Kids learn faster than adults and have a great advantage of having a very low center of gravity when compared to adults and also they are more flexible than adults.  These factors give kids a great advantage when learning kayaking.  刘文锋 10 year old daughter 小萌 ranks among the best kayakers in China.

Do you have to be physically strong to kayak?

A person wanting to learn kayaking skills needs to be in reasonably good physical condition but strength is not the most important facet of kayaking.  Women often learn kayaking skills faster than men because men rely on their physical strength while women use finesse.   Kayaking is as much more about mental skills and finesse than it is about a lot of physical strength.

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