We provide a wide variety of activities for the whitewater enthusiast.

We arrange river trips for groups at every skill level.

We arrange children's activities with parents.

We arrange competitions and arrange travel to watch high level competition in the kayaking sport.

We participate in activities with other clubs to provide safety for their events.

We arrange river clean-up activities which provide a day of fun and help keep our rivers clean.

River Trips

We arrange and Lead River Trips designed for a specific skill level.  Here students can practice their skills and enjoy running a river with a group of other kayakers at their skill level.

Flat Water Outings

We arrange Flat Water Outings on Lakes for children and for people interested in getting out on the water but who might not be interested in the spending a lot of time to learn White Water skills.


We arrange and participate in various kayaking competitions.

Group Lessons

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Private Lessons

Interested in more specific skill training or training at your convenience sign up for our Private Lessons


We promote and teach safe outdoor activities and we cooperate with other organizations to help with safety at their outdoor events.


We Strongly believe in protecting the environment and keeping the water and natural environment clean and healthy.  We enjoy outdoor activities and using the precious resource of our rivers and lakes for recreational purposes.  To continue to enjoy these resources and pass them on to our children we must work to maintain the health and quality of these environmental resources.  As such, we participate in, support and promote environmental activities.  We support and sponsor river and lake clean-up activities.

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